Brief Introduction

Jim Chen

Jim Chen is a Chinese-Australian artist from Sydney. He is well-known in China for his work, regularly exhibiting in art and publishing sought-after books. 

He started his career in a remote part of north-eastern China as part of the renowned Chinese art movement known as the Great Northern Wilderness Etching Group. During this period his prints show how he became attuned to the natural environment. 

When he returned to his home city of Ningbo he branched out into painting and drawing, becoming well-known for his oil paintings, drawings and cartoons in the city’s daily newspaper. 

In Australia, he has built on his artistic foundations from his early career by exploring remote and not so remote places throughout this continent. 

His paintings and photographs are windows that highlight the beauty in scenes often ignored. The viewer can look back through this window and understand how a perceptive eye bonds with this country and unites different cultures.



Awards and Recognitions


Winner of the "Noel Chettle Memorial Art Prize" in Australia in 2012.

He has been recognised in the book of “Chinese Artists in the Modern Age” (published in 1992. Shanghai). 

His printmaking work was selected by "China Modern Printmakers Exhibition" shown in Japan in 1980. 


He won the Bronze Award for the Maitland International Salon Photography In 2018.

Twice Bronze Awards winner of International LOUPE Awards 2012.

Solo exhibitions:

“The Great Wildness, Light and Shadow ----Jim Chen Photography Exhibition” was held at the Ningbo 117 Art Center in China in November 2018.

The "Four Seasons" solo painting exhibition was held at the ArtShine/YUGA Gallery in Sydney Australia in September 2018.

"The Beauty of Stillness" solo photo exhibition was held at Artshine Gallery in Sydney, Australia from 8/5 - 28/5 2017. 

"Jim Chen Solo Art Exhibition" was held at Chrissie Cotter Gallery in Sydney, Australia from 8/9 - 18/9 2016. Exhibited 42 pieces of paintings and 16 pieces of photographs.

(Paintings and Photos have been jointed in over 20 group exhibitions in the past 30 years in Australia and China).

The Finalist of:

2nd C.P.N.O. INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION OF PHOTOGRAPHY (2010-Macau) ("Blue Mountains sky").

Australian Digital Photography Awards 2010 ("The Coming Rain").

German International DVF-Photocup 2014 (Deutscher Verband fur Fotografie e.V.) GIP2014 (three photographs).

Cheltenham International Salon of Photography 2014 (UK).

Published books

Unseen Australia” was published in Australia, 2010.

"The Artistic Beauties of Landscape Photography" was published in China, 2014. 

"The Artistic Landscape Photography" was published in Taiwan, 2014.

"The Landscape through Artist's Lens" (photography techniques)  was published in Taiwan, 2016. 

"Phrase of the Sunny House" (essays)  was published in Australia, 2016.